Jackson Freeman

A Free Man Haunted by His Demons


Once a Slave in New Mexico, Jackson was a field hand, he was a strong one for his size though. One year Jackson got real sick, during this sickness, Jackson, slipping in and out of consciousness, spoke to the devil himself. The devil made him a deal, if he sold his soul, then the devil would set him free and let him live. Jackson agreed to the deal, woke up, and was told he was a free man a few months later. From time to time Jackson gets messages from the devil still, telling him to do things. Jackson usually does them.

Jackson, on the bidding of Lucifer himself, took down the Lucky Lew Gang, or at least he got most of them. Lew set of an explosion that Jackson got stuck in, he survived, more or less. Somewhat less, his left arm now gone. Jackson continued his Journey west, going where the devil bid him.

Jackson Freeman

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