Lucifer's Folly, AZ

Lucifer’s Folly is an unlikely Boomtown that sprung up near the mountains Northwest of the city of Phoenix, at the edge of Hellhorn Canyon. The town scares off all but the most hardened of cowpokes simply by the name alone. To them, however, it is all worth it for the ghost rock that occupies the canyons and mountains surrounding the town.

The town actually got it’s eerie name after a Confederate prospector named Lou Slyph. Already considered an ‘eccentric’, Lou one day rode out into the deserts north of Phoenix, bragging to any drinker or gambler who’d listen that he was gonna come back rich. He rode off into the desert with a mule-driven wagon, supposedly never to be seen again.

Six months later, a pack mule wandered out of the desert and into Phoenix, the body of Ol’ Lou draped across it’s back. His body riddled with wounds as if from a great beast, Lou had been dead long before his mule rode into town. However, every pack on Lou’s mule was filled to bursting with Ghost Rock, a small fortune in it. Also within the packs was a map, marking a location in the desert, just northwest of Phoenix.

Since then, a town sprung up just at the lip of the canyon marked on Lou’s map (Now named Hellhorn Canyon), just within the shadow of a rock formation that at sunset, looks like a horned head rising from the horizon. The legend of Ol’ Lou getting mixed up with the ominous rock formation eventually lead to the town being named Lucifer’s Folly.

The promise of wealth in ghost rock has made Lucifer’s Folly a popular spot, and it has recently caught the eye of numerous rail barons. Both Bayou Vermilion and Dixie Rails have begun laying track towards the canyon, though it is unknown if the boomtown has caught the interest of any other rail companies.

Interesting Locales

The Dancing Devil Saloon

Marked by the sign above the door depicting Old Scratch himself dancing with a saloon girl, the Dancing Devil is one of the more popular saloons in Lucifer’s Folly. Known for it’s gorgeous saloon girls, stiff drinks and plenty of gambling, it’s the perfect meeting place for any sort of outlaw or wanderer.

Jack Flap’s Flapjacks

Nothing more than a small steam wagon that moves about Lucifer’s Folly, the small upstart business is run by a former Hellstromme Industrees employee from Chicago Jack Flap. Jack seems like a simple man, but has managed to use his experience at his previous job to create devices to make pancakes for whoever might want them in the early mornings. He occasionally takes his cart out to the mines as well, willing to trade a plate of flapjacks for a small nugget of ghost rock.

Lucifer's Folly, AZ

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